A Better Solution

Sewer Shield Composites LLC

Changing the industry again and reducing cost


In 2004, we took our best coating, Sewer Shield 100, and spun it with special fiberglass to create an independent composite mold that would allow us to replace the structure of a manhole without an expensive, invasive, and time consuming concrete rebuild. Our 5-layer composite structure is free-standing load rated for H-20 or 40,000 PSI per square inch. We take pride in the fact that our 5-Layer Sewer Shield Composite passed accelerated testing up to 100 years, though we will guarantee it for 50. This was completely unheard of in an industry where our competitors typically warrant for five years.

Soon after we discovered that we can still produce a product similar to our top of the line 5-Layer composite and reduce cost. Thus, our 3-Layer structure was created with a free standing H-20 load rating and 25 year warranty. If a manhole can withstand a lower rating, it窶冱 a great option for trying to reduce cost.

Composite Structures reduce rehabilitation and maintenance over a long period of time. Whereas most coatings fail due to low quality product or poor preparation, composite structures maintain the integrity of the project and reduce cost in many other areas of the project over long periods of time.