Sewer Shield Composites LLC

Servicing the Southwestern United States Since 2004.

Sewer Shield Composites LLC is a family owned company that was formally organized in Arizona in 2004. Having worked in the wastewater industry for over 20 years, we were constantly pursuing new ideas in corrosion protection, safety and speed. We knew our customers needed a quality product that could be installed with minimal inconvenience to the public and we wanted something that would minimize employee exposure to the hazards inherent in wastewater.ツ Our pursuits led us to the composite manhole.

Our composites are a life-long solution to the corrosive environment found in wastewater.ツ While standard rehabilitation of a manhole will generally take three days, the composite can be installed in a day.ツ This improves safety and minimizes impact to the public by reducing traffic restrictions.ツ This also reduces the exposure to the hazards of wastewater faced by inspectors and installers by reducing installation and inspection times.

With our certified H-20 load rating, corrosion resistance, and limited lifetime warranty, we are unmatched in the industry.ツ We will continually strive to find solutions to our customers most difficult problems.ツ Contact us to see what we can do for you.